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    Two souls fell in love, creating a fire unmatched to any other.⁣

    Their love created dreams- dreams they were living and feeling their love with nothing more but those subtle touches, exchanged smiles and voices heard hidden from those fierce sight of the society. ⁣

    They thought their love was powerful enough to pass through the barriers set by the people around them- the society. Or maybe they never thought of it - too deep in love to care about anyone but each other, anything but the ways they could love each other.⁣

    After all they were two naive kids in love, two souls ignited by love.⁣

    But this society wants everyone to fit the standards made and bounds the innocent love in castes, religion, gender and sexuality. When someone tries to save the love, fight for it, the society doesn't blink an eye and tries their best to stop them, kill them. ⁣
    The society kills them, their love because of course, loving beyond the barriers set is a shameful act according to this so-called high valued society. ⁣

    Love is a divine energy, love is nothing but the moment two souls meet. Love is nothing but the moment they share their first kiss, they make love for the first time. Love is beyond and so much more than the barriers of gender, sexuality, age, race, skin color, religion, or caste. ⁣

    If that love is shatterproof then no one can distant you, after being shattered you will rise up to prove the real power of love.⁣
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.⁣

    That's how powerful love is. Let low flow, let love grow beyond everything.

    © Gautam

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