• joanjoseph 10w

    An ode to home

    A friend asked me, to write about my home.
    Have always being a wanderer, couldn't think of a place from all those places known.

    "Where is my HOME???" I thought to myself.
    Definitely not one acquired on wealth.

    I finally found my answer on this not-so-bright day.
    Four walls made of concrete and brick, is not where my heart lay.

    Where then is it? One could ask.
    Some happy place, where no griefs would last.

    My loved ones are my happy place.
    During all my bright and sorrowful days.

    A strength during times of weakness and pain.
    A comfort when life's sorrows would rain.

    Their loving embrace makes me feel complete.
    Their happiness for me is a delightful treat.

    Even on stormy thunderous days,
    When you have been hard and difficult to bear.
    You are blessed for you still have someone to care.
    Ever noticed?...They reflect you.
    Your smile is their smile. Your tears too.

    If this isn't your home, what then is it?
    Can you think of a place,where the word "home" would be a perfect fit?
    A home is where your heart is...
    Your strength, love, comfort and every good thing in this world for you is...