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    Once more, this chapter has violence and language in it. Feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you for reading! This is the last part of this chapter! Yay! ������

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    Chapter 4: Part 3

    A hand snagged Kassidy’s long black locks of hair and jerked her head back painfully. Her hands slipped from the doorknob and scratched at the person behind. The large form behind Kassidy let go of her hair but their hands shoved her back into the table where she had crashed into first. Her hip clipped the side of the corner but it wasn’t the bruise that caused Kassidy to cry out in pain. It was the large fist that slammed into her jaw that caused her to fall to the ground on her knees. Behind the dry sobs that racked her body was that sound of cruel laughter that came from the body behind her. Slender hands grabbed greedily at the pale skin of her neck.

    Fingernails bit down on her throat and Kassidy’s eyes bulged out. Her mouth opened wide as she tried to inhale the teensiest bit of air. Savanna’s thumbs dug into the skin of Kassidy’s neck as she tried her best to cut off all of Kassidy’s circulation. Instincts took control and Kassidy scratched at her mother’s hands. Her nails drew blood from the monster’s hands but the grip never let up.

    Darkness edged her vision as all the shadows in the room gathered around her dying body. This was it. This was how she was going to die. She always knew that her mother would be the death of her but Kassidy never thought that she would try to kill her so soon. She thought she had a little more time…

    “She’s not worth it, mom.” Jeffery’s voice broke through the ringing. Looking past the gray veil of darkness, Kassidy caught sight of her brother standing guard at the door. His slim but muscular body leaned against the frame as he studied the scene before him. It didn’t faze him. The sight of his sister dying by the hands of their mother didn’t bother him a bit. He shook his head, mussing up his dark hair as he looked between the two. “Think of it this way, if you kill her then you won’t get your pills. No pills mean no fix. No fix means unhappiness. Just leave her on the floor.”

    There was nothing in his voice or expression as he turned away and headed up the stairwell. The death clutch unlatched from Kassidy’s frail next just as she was giving into the darkness around her.


    At the command, Kassidy sucked in the delicious oxygen like a man suffering from dehydration. Her body shook like a leaf as she lied on the hardwood floor and stared up at the ceiling. Her mother’s harsh words were drowned out by the hammering of Kassidy’s heart. Her limbs felt like blocks of cement, weighed down from the exertion it had taken. Her whole body was pained and her eyes began to close out of her own will. Savanna gave one last look at the crumpled form before she left Kassidy on the floor.

    A small smile spread across her lips and Kassidy allowed the drowsiness to carry her away with the promise of safety.

    Wake up.

    The voice whispered but drifted into the darkness.

    Wake up!

    The same voice shouted and Kassidy stirred slightly, her eyes ripping open to stare up at the ceiling. The fan above her spun around and around, stirring the air. Darkness still clouded the room like a shroud and moonlight glimpsed through the curtains like miniature spotlights. A raging headache pounded against her temples as she lifted her head up and examined the scene around her.

    There was no mess from the struggle earlier. Nothing that even hinted a fight or a near death experience. Just like all the other times.

    Trembling, Kassidy pressed her aching hands onto the floor beneath her and heaved herself up. Pain radiated up her arm and down her side as she stood up quietly. Examining her wrist, Kassidy winced as she pressed on the swelling limb. She must have sprained it when she had fallen but it seemed to be the least of her worries at the moment. Her ribs screamed at her to stop moving as she headed towards the door once more but she was determined to leave this house for good.

    She didn’t want to be held captive in this house when all it did was cause her pain and misery. It wasn’t home. Home was supposed to be a place where she could be loved and not hated. Forcing her hand to grab onto the doorknob, Kassidy swung it open quietly and was greeted by fresh air. The nightly breeze was cool against her burning skin and Kassidy took a step out before closing the door. It felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulder at that first step out of that house. It had been such a long time since she felt like this.

    Like she actually had a choice.

    Digging her nails into the skin of her palm, Kassidy stumbled down the steps of the porch until she was on the grassy ground, breathless. Her stomach did another turn as her body disagreed with every thought she was thinking but she had to leave. She needed to leave before Savanna could hurt her even worse than she did tonight. She needed to leave so she could see another day that wasn’t clouded with constant fear.

    She wanted to leave so badly that her body craved it.

    With the taste of freedom on the tip of her tongue, Kassidy gathered all the strength she could muster in her tired body and started down the short but long driveway. All that was on her mind was where she would go. That one place that could make her feel safe.