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    So,finally the day aarived.
    And both of them were very happy!
    Sid giggled and asked her,hey? What sup with you,why are you pinching yourself?
    Krishna groan and said i am just making sure that this isn't a dream..
    He said c'mon baby,today is a day when finally we are going to go to Goa. You know since how many days we were craving for these day?
    Yeah baby i know.
    So let me pack our bags and you go and get ready.she said.
    (Sid enter the hallway and turned over krishna and said.)
    Okay,so let's not waste time and are you ready?
    Ready to have fun? Ready to have thrill? He said.
    Yes,yes i am damn excited! She exclaimed.
    Hey wait! Where are my keys?
    He asked.
    Of fo! she said by rolling her eyes.
    It is there on your table.
    Oh there! He exclaimed.
    Let's go.
    Both of them were very happy and excited.
    As he drove the car.
    Krishna exclaimed with joy he there! Let me take a picture. There was a bunch of balloons fying high in the sky. (she was very passionate for clicking pictures.)
    Baby,baby be careful. He said.
    As she was 'bout to fall from the seat.
    Yeah,yeah nothing will happen to me.
    I am not telling to you. I was telling to be careful with your canon camera. He said with a big big groan.
    You,Sid ke bache am not gonna leave you! She said by clenching her teeth.
    He said baby chill was just trolling.
    Ha ha ha! She said by giving him stern look.
    Okay lets live.
    Let's feel the fresh air. He said by holding her right hand.
    By the way sid.. You know na where we exact have to go?
    Or shall we use map?
    Sid said you silly i know each and every way to reach Goa.
    She said that was my turn for a quick trolls.
    Both of them laughed.

    They reached Goa.
    And they were heading to the hotel.
    By that time Krishna said hey wait baby i can't bare this sunlight anymore give me an umbrella from that bag. Please?
    Oh gog you and your sillines..
    He said with a smile.
    Okay take this and let's go.
    Oh waow! Sid look at this we have such a cool sight to have a look from our balcony.
    Then both of them clicked thousands of pictures.
    After that both of them got fresh and decided to meet separetly. Just like how they use to meet when they where in college.
    They met. They enjoyed and while returing to hotel Krishna saw a hotel named "Mirror Hotel"
    Hey Sid wait let's go there and check out.
    Yeah yeah i know whenever you hear a word mirror you can't stop resisting.. Hahaha lol she said.
    They went,they enjoyed,they made unforgetable memories....