• joannamichelle 40w


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    Fairy Tale

    Take my hand …
    speak to me.
    I’ll lead you out of Neverland,
    the Wendy to your Peter.
    We’ll fly with Tinkerbell, swim with the mermaids, play with the Lost Boys,
    and fight Captain Hook together, make him walk the plank.

    Take my hand …
    “My, what big teeth you have grandma!”
    The Big Bad Wolf in disguise.
    We’ll this Little Red Riding Hood will let you devour her.

    Take my hand …
    Down the yellow brick road,
    where we’ll gain brain, heart, and courage.
    To see the Great Wizard of Oz
    “There’s no place like home,
    there’s no place like home.”

    Take my hand …
    I’ll cut through the thick thorn forest in my shining armor,
    and fight the Great Maleficent herself.
    To wake you up with true love’s kiss.

    Take my hand …
    I’ll twirl you across the dance floor,
    Tale as old as Time.
    The Belle and Beast,
    Where I’ll see beyond the monster and fall in love with the man underneath.
    Breaking the curse.

    Take my hand …
    Before I runaway at midnight in my pumpkin carriage,
    leaving behind my glass slipper,
    that only fits me.

    Take my hand …
    We’ll go down the rabbit hole of life.
    I’ll be wearing a Cheshire smile and white dress, you’ll be blowing smoke rings in a black tux.
    Running from the Red Queen, “Off with their heads!”
    Waking up by the riverbank under the big willow tree from deep slumbers,
    you’ll look at me and say: “Speak to me … Take my hand.”