• anitavarghese01 8w

    An Open Letter to
    My Looking Glass!

    - Anita Varghese

    I hope you are having a great time, at the eastern corner of my rose gold themed cosy room, watching me everyday without fail! I know you have changed a lot just like me, from our first meeting. I'm relieved that the change has nothing to do with your soul but appearance. You may appear weird before other visitors to my room, with those lipstick and eyeliner smears here and there, used bindis randomly stuck on your face, faded marks of those motivational lines written with my least favourite lip color and some random stains! But, bear with me and my routines for I'm still hustling, hustling harder day by day for a better tomorrow! And I know you understand me better and that makes me write these lines to you!

    My weirdness knows no bounds, limitations appear limitless, failures in plenty and success yet to come. Often, I come to you with my future bleak. And you, by remaining motionless, consume my melancholy and reflect my sanguine self! Thank you for listening patiently to my whines and rants. Thank you for revealing my flaws in private. Thank you for helping me surpass them and move on. Thank you for letting me cry before you and vent my feelings. Thank you for not interrupting me with those unsolicited advice and morals. Thank you for helping me envision my future.

    You reflect me in private and instruct me silently. I wonder how you tolerate my melodrama! Nevertheless, you never shun me but suggest better ways. You return my stressful nights with blissful mornings - happy and confident, I leave for the day! Together we smile, laugh and cry, but never have I ever felt betrayed. The mute spectator of all my deeds, the most welcoming beholder to my songs and stories, on to your unadulterated plane, I pour out my self. And I learn: to forget the past, live the present and get ready for the race ahead!