• dpadilla 5w

    I am screaming
    Tearing down the curtains all around me!
    Don't you see
    This steady stream of romanticism
    Is sedating our minds,
    Turning us all into malleable clay
    Only to harden our ways
    Into gullible bricks
    With right angles that click
    Into place when they're placed
    In pairs, from the ground up
    A monument to faith is all we are.
    A scaffold built upon
    An illusion.
    There is nothing to believe except the truth.
    That's why I just can't believe in you.
    I don't believe you.
    I don't believe.
    I lost my faith the day you lost your way.
    You didn't break my heart
    You freed it.
    You didn't grant my nihilism,
    You feed it.