• gkthewintersoldr 4w

    Lesson #1

    There was this very tiny, yet powerful message still ingrained in my mind. I was in Class V, and it was my Best friend's birthday. I had a handful of toffees but strew the wrappers across the playground. My then PE Master, Was out on a stroll brandishing his favorite cane in his hand, as if it was a wand to catch the late strollers to class. He flared up- seeing us strewing the ground with toffee wrappers. But when he saw my friend in her birthday colours he lightened. He gently stopped us, barricading our progress with the cane. She offered him a toffee. He politely refused. Instead, he said 'Dear, the greatest birthday wish that I'd ask of you is to not throw waste anywhere in any premises except the dustbins. What is a wrapper today by one, will get accumulated to become a mountain! I know this because, I have seen a story myself- We live in the slums just behind one such mountain. It stinks sometimes. But the worst thing is it ate into our groundwater, contaminated it and I lost my brother. " He said with a painful smile. All this whole we looked as if we were suffocated by that very pollution and stench, we would have preferred the cane. With pain and a stiff resolution, we bent forward to pick the strewn wrappers. He stopped us however; 'No. You are getting late to class, go fast. I will pick them up. That you volunteered itself is a positive change, that I'll be proud of. And happy birthday, dear", the smile that he wore then was genuine and beautiful. With that he trudged forward to deposit the wrappers in a trash can, a while away. And we moved on to our classes but carrying forward a lesson much valuable than any of them could teach!...