• isha_chadha 5w

    Okay, so let's talk about how people say ' you are getting it all wrong' or 'you are misunderstanding me'. I may misunderstand your words or actions but what about vibes?
    If you do something that makes me feel in a particular way, is this my fault to feel it like that? I mean do you want me to say that I didn't mean to feel this way?
    You say I have made up an image of you in my mind but aren't your actions really responsible for it? Am I wrong to feel or are you wrong to act?
    I didn't want to end this with a question mark but I do want answers, and you won't tell me if I don't ask you. So tell me, why this blame game when we want to win this together? When will we love if we keep on looking for reasons to love? And how, do you think we'll end, doing what we are doing right now?

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