• her_bruised_words 23w

    Sense of Losing A Person.

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    People are addictive.
    When you are not with them you feel a great sense of loss and attachment.
    You try to fill that void with your daily routine but at times you fail.
    Initially you think alot about them. As and when days passes by you don't.
    But the Sense of Loss - Remains.

    Some people take your love for granted and some take your friendship.
    But deep down even after everything you always know that you are the person who will always care no matter how the other person is.

    And you know what I think,
    that it's okay to have a bigger heart and always be the person who cares,
    For the world needs people who are empathetic and not shallow hearted being who only want something for others.

    So keep being the great beautiful person you are because people like you and me exist. And eventually we all find each other in some way or other.