• stolenpoems 9w

    Crooked Hooves

    As I astray from the path
    My fine wool falls
    Revealing mangy grey fur
    Warm innocent eyes into
    Beady malicious ones
    Refined soft face into
    Horned goat's head
    The rocky ground
    Leads to darkness
    Empty bottles shattered
    Clothing lazily discarded
    Fine white dust
    Floating in the air
    Giving off a sense
    Freedom and self-satisfaction
    I feel tempted
    To guide my crooked hooves
    Deeper into the abyss
    But my own doubts
    Try to pull me back
    "Think of your tribe"
    "Don't be selfish"
    But I trudge forward
    Wanting to graze sinfully
    Upon the grass
    That is most definitely greener
    On the darker path