• hemlin_antony 5w

    Miss you!!

    That was a moody day, I was randomly deseperated by the thoughts of you.
    Dark incidences, sad gestures, unbearable counts, tough days, shocking news were fogging me around.
    Took a spot look at the sky and was wondering why ??
    The day ran the way...
    Figitting nights, rap and rolling on my bed,
    closing my eyes, our memories flowing down my lashes.
    And my palm cradled ur forehead as evrytime I did.
    Sweet funny love poems blowing my heart out..
    Wasn't that easy or enough to put a word 'MISSING YOU'... silent wheepings!
    Yet, lil scared, mind arguing with my heart, that your mind is already busy with someone else out there, but never my heart gave up the chance to agree!
    Was not about jealousy, totally about insecurity!
    Imagining your presence I tend to laugh at incidences that puts my face to the intense of blushing...
    U call it narcissism?¿ I wonder,
    Seeing you next to me I click pics, like I kiss.
    Sometimes I'm overwhelmed knowing ur part
    No matter how far, apart.
    Mom questioned, 'Have you gone insane'?
    Tats still okay!
    Was it all conceited?
    Was it all futile?
    Yes, blinking to this to say that's alright!!!
    Trust me(precious promise), For me
    You are never a seasonal fruit, but a sensational fruit!!

    I would always love to cling on anytime and evrytime!
    Jus to remind you, I'm still waiting to fill in our empty gaps by the way we felt when we were together!

    Me the magician, clicked you from far.....
    Cause your smile speaks it all......now♡
    Jus the way I did!!!!!!
    And let 's smile together and let the world wonder why...
    (Jus for a reason I'm loving u more)