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    **Imagine Being**

    Imagine being...
    The strongest,
    when you were once the weakest,
    it won't be that strange,
    when tides change,
    you've worked so hard,
    and nothing seems to go bad,
    when you have so much luck,
    don't forget how it feels to be stuck

    Imagine being...
    rich and powerful,
    when everyone thought you are a fool,
    all alone in a path,
    forced to solve more problems than you ever did in math,
    once you come out the other side,
    that's when the others will want to go inside,
    who knew once you are the best,
    you'll inspire the rest

    Imagine being...
    the only one not engulfed in a mess,
    just because you said yes,
    or made the right decision,
    surpassed your intuition,
    when you take your time to think,
    the right thoughts will link,
    and the feeling of being wise,
    is extremely nice

    Imagine being...
    the patient one,
    and you are able to find the right man or woman,
    you found true love,
    and it's what you deserve,
    in life letting the right person in,
    is considered a big win,
    because you only grow fond,
    when there's a strong bond