• mike1m 10w

    Beautiful Butterfly

    You are like a beautiful butterfly gliding pass all around the world,

    Searching for something shiny such as a pearl.

    You fly high with those colorful wings looking as beautiful as you always are,

    You reach for the sky with all your power and might, trying to reach for the star.

    An independent beautiful butterfly you are, when you do the things you do,

    You search all around for a one of a kind male butterfly who will say, “I love you.”

    A male butterfly searches for a female such like you,

    Not for a little but more than a few.

    I am such like a butterfly beautiful from inside but not sure about out,

    I am the male butterfly that wishes to glide along with you by your side, love you, and never shout.

    You are my special butterfly and I only want you,

    Please be with me, never leave me, or I will not know what to do.

    Together we can fly away and camouflage together all around the land,

    We can love each other forever and I will do anything you demand.

    I wish to be all yours and only yours truly,

    To keep a strong hold of you like jewelry.

    Never would I leave,

    We will always weave.

    Together every single minute and every hour,

    Our love will be full of power.