• veebee01 23w


    Dying never did scare me off,
    A carcass that dries my eyes off,
    Pale I want to be sometime
    Or just the dark color suits me off?
    Is it being me or,
    Is it that I wonder all day,
    Waking up every morning
    Using every bits of my soul
    Crashing out the heart
    Being something of someone isn’t real
    Death is so inevitable;
    Surrounds by so many morgues
    One so cold one so hot
    The ashes are all in that pot.
    Ohh ! My lonely soul
    Are you still afraid of that hole
    Don’t be so scared enough
    I’m still fighting for my own body
    Will the darkness absorb me make me disappear?
    Will it take me away forever ?
    Darkness been my friend always