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    The Silent Sky

    They say: Before anything else existed there was Christ.
    I say : Before anything else existed there was this sky. Our common sky. Embracing similar inches of the riches' skin as that of mine. From welcoming 360,000 new little lives in the same cradle to bidding farewell to as many as 150,000 to grave by each rotation of the Earth. It's our common silent sky. No one's more. No one's less.
    The silent sky whose eyes witnessed our evolution from hominoid to sapiens, saw the civilization advancing through bronze age and classic Greek arts. Keeping silent it always kept an eye on us, watched us reforming in Renaissance, Enlightenment and Romanticism. Recorded the machines of Industrial revolution and explorations of colonialism. Felt the pain of the Two World Wars with humans. Became cold and frozen in the frost of Cold War. With the wrath of globalisation and crimes of environmental degradation, the sky is yet silent but weeping as the clouds it holds are heavy to control their tears back. The agony of depression is hard to hide but the sky tries to smile back on to us like a Jesus to a Child.
    Penetrating its light in our timid souls, giving us wings to fly, stating that "sky is not the limit", it pushes us to take new flight whenever it turns cotton white and blue from purple and starry black. It's our Common Sky. No one's more. No one's less.
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    The silent sky. Our Common Sky. No one's more. No one's less.