• epigramfortwo 36w

    |tapped and trebled|

    I should know
    Words painted blue and gold
    That everything has got a price to pay,
    No matter what they say,
    They'd paid, get laid

    Getting high,
    I shall fly all night
    The clouds seem to disappear,
    My blessed regalia to ruins and tears,
    King Lear and my Anabelle dear.
    Hasty their decisions they've reared.

    These days are hard,
    I climbed thrice but my back couldn't take
    Oh a meeting point should we arrange
    To wade off the hours
    My pain dissipates,
    Hey lonely never be lonely again
    Because I have come
    I have come to take you away
    To those constellations we gazed,
    To those shooting stars we faced,
    My hazy eyes with your taste
    Oh my solitary soul
    What a beautiful night in a beautiful day
    They'd paid, thy might say.