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    Middle Class
    Chapter 8

    It's obvious Gagan took up Chotu's responsibilities. For the time being homeschooling him. Chotu lived with Gagan in his rented house. Did a few odd jobs and in the evening brought his slate and chalk to learn new lessons each day. But Gagan had plans for chotu. He wanted him to receive better education and do something in life. He was looking for a proper school which he could afford for chotu after managing other expenses. This is when he happened to meet Shyanti. Shyanti worked for an NGO and for official purpose she had come to Gagan's office. She was helped by Gagan who had fixed a bug that was troubling her tablet for days. Hence their interaction continued. Shyanti on hearing Gagan and Chotu's story was very keen on helping Chotu. She was impressed with Gagan no doubt. She made arrangements for Chotu's schooling.
    Gagan meanwhile no longer discerned his middle class existence, He was happy he was doing something to his heart's content. No our story doesn't end here. Gagan's act of humanity reached the NGO, thanks to Shyanti. Gagan had left an impact. He was invited over to Shyanti's NGO to volunteer but Gagan insisted that he wanted to do something for street children and give them a life . The NGO acceded to his request , Gagan enthusiastically worked towards this goal, so much so that he decided to leave his BPO job. The NGO was initially funding his basic necessities and parallely Gagan started coaching and tutoring children on a part time basis to add to his savings. Initial stage is very risky ,lack of proper funding, could have gathered clouds of dismay but Gagan was the Sky, he might have been middle class but limitlessly hopeful . He was able to send a meagre amount back home Where criticism was severely showered at his mad proposal.His father made it very clear that a middle class man should not have such unrealistic dreams which estranged him from his household responsibilities. But Gagan never gave up. He would reach out to orphans, provide them with basic needs and schooling.