• miss_anonymous 30w


    All the words are being said already
    I don't have words To describe you,
    My mom....
    How do I thank you for your love
    When I know it's bigger than this universe,
    How do I thank you for every sacrifice you made for me
    How do I start saying sorry for my mistakes
    I made and for the upcoming one
    Because the list is too long....
    And thank you and sorry are small words
    For convey my emotions...
    But what I wanna say is
    Your love is the core of my existence
    Your smile is like ray of sunshine
    Your hand on my heat is like that peace which I get after the first rain...
    And lastly I wanna say
    You are the sweetness to my bitter life
    You are the guru (teacher) of sarcasm
    You are moonlight to my night
    You are my Love for eternity
    And for once, forever with you also seems like a small word....