• thesunflowerquotes 5w

    The farewell poetry

    The faces unknown
    And nowhere to go
    Met during induction
    Found myself confused although.

    A new tiny world for me
    With some faces popular,
    And some still caged,
    Kept themselves corpuscular.

    I remember,
    How lunch boxes were more important than assignments,
    How that one guy had answer to all the questions,
    The labs and journals,
    "Write at home, not during lectures ", was everybody's suggestion.
    Division A new less than an act of confinement.

    Months passed,
    Few misunderstandings and envy took birth
    A new group,
    Where I found my worth.

    Throughout my expedition
    I found one constant,
    Living in her own world,
    She was chirpy and brilliant.

    Met so many guides,
    All around the journey,
    Showing me the lightened path
    When I found myself clueless and lonely.

    48 months with you all
    Gave me uncountable lessons,
    I know life has more to give,
    But this was the preaching essence.

    I took so much from each one,
    That i cannot thank you enough.
    You will not remember my name,
    But remember me as the one
    Who was tender but tough.

    At the end,
    Forgive me,
    If I have hurt you
    May you grow, nourish and flourish,
    Will only be my Supreme wish.
    Though on different path,
    You will find me under the same sky.