• _sharma_anushka 9w

    There are some secrets
    My hearts holds,all that I could never say.
    Here I jot down the same.
    You have been the crystal to my eyes that shines on my face
    You have been my wallpaper that i remember when I wake up and when I sleep
    You are the only thought
    And when you call me to meet you in person
    It's the time when I look at the mirror thousand times to know how am I looking When you sit besides and talk
    I can look at you for years
    In your eyes And when you smile its the best view one can watch
    All that i want is to make you a statue for a moment so that i can look at you like nobody's watching
    Touch your face with my hands
    And just lean and look at you.. And just look
    When you chatter like a non stop chatter box you don't have any idea how mesmerizing you look
    I want that sound to be in my ears forever
    I fear that you might catch me looking at you
    But I cannot hold myself from doing so
    And then when you touch me
    It is then I want everything to stop
    Every breathe, everything
    Moments like that I just want to bring you closer and hug you so tight And say "Stay with me forever"