• amorette_spring 5w


    Then I woke up and it was all but a dream
    I felt the beaming sun rays making its way through the leaves and it glistened upon my face
    I then found myself getting up on my feet and strolling alongside my dog over the green grass
    We were on a misty hill
    A beautiful lake beside which I sat was glittering beautifully
    I lay myself there, playing with the water with my hand
    My companion Mickey at hand wagging his tail with enlightment
    Then I saw my German Shepherd jump among the tall grasses in the field
    I laughed with amusement
    His joy added to the happiness that I found in the serene beauty of my ambience
    I then found myself running along a road amidst a rain forest
    It was raining
    The breeze was beautifully embracing my skin bringing coolness and the smell of rain along with it
    I lifted up my head to the sky and felt the drops of it pour upon my face
    I then saw nothing but thick fog ahead of me
    I didn't withhold myself from it
    I found myself walking through what seemed like a long entrance to a beautiful palace in a high mountain
    Guards stood there on both sides beautifully dressed
    After I entered what seemed like the beginning of a well nurtured garden
    I was welcomed with what seemed like claps and cheers from the tall trees on the sides, they were hovering over and moving as the winds intertwined with them
    Petals of colorful flowers were all spread on the pathway
    It was like returning from a long tiring journey
    I had forgotten all of my former pain
    And I knew and remembered that now I was home again