• sebriety 5w


    Lets play silly games,
    Bring up childhood memories,
    Lets walk down quiet lanes,
    And laugh endlessly,

    You came from better places,
    And left better traces,
    Pictures of you smiling making my lip tremble,
    And my whole life you resemble,

    But lets not get stuck in the past,
    Lets make what fire we got, last,
    You make me happy, so soft inside,
    Because you are so strong, cant hide,

    You make me want more out of this,
    Its you 10 seconds with out i start to miss,
    I have to say before you blow away,
    I hope we and more importantly you, are okay,

    Fetch me some paper so i can scribble a story for you,
    What could we be, places we see, and things to do,

    Stuck in hot rooms boiling, borin old ‘im fine’s’,
    id rather ask her what flowers she likes at first glance,
    Smile so strong, eyes say she’s divine,
    She is perfection actually here, thats my stance,

    Of course life will still be hard and everything the same,
    Like in falling in love after she says her name,
    Now i need some sleep, and im here for you if you need,
    And im sure tomorrow i’ll have a whole new set of hopes for you to exceed