• dr_with_a_good_handwriting 23w

    What if it's not love?

    You are my soulmate. And I'm yours. That's what we believe. The understanding of your fears, the healing of my scars, the sprouting of our love, the growing of our bond, we've been through it all.
    But what if, just what if, it's not love?
    I sometimes wonder if I'm enough for you. What if there's something out there better than me waiting for you?
    What if we are just so used to each other that we can't let go?
    What if it's just laziness? We found each other, broke the walls of our hearts, built bridges between our minds, familiarized ourselves, and said we are satisfied. Who would want to go through all of that again? It's tedious. I've already had as many heartbreaks in my life, I can't afford any more. Is that why I've decided to love you forever? Because I'm too lazy or tired to find someone else and build this connection all over again? What if there's someone beautiful, caring and intelligent, someone better than me who was born for you?
    If it's laziness, and not love we'll soon get tired of each other as the mist of our promises clears up and the harsh truth like the sun glares at our faces. That would hurt.
    How do we know it's love? Life with you is like a fairy tale, I find comfort in your presence, I believe life will be beautiful. But these questions, these doubts... How do we resolve them?
    Should we just go on and see if they had some truth behind it? I hope not. But what if they do? Will we break apart?
    Just tell me, how do we know it's love??