• manu_thewriter 5w

    Feel my love!!!

    Hallucinating your laughter,
    In my mind everyday ;
    I keep waiting,
    With my arms wide open,
    For you; to Feel my love!!!

    Dreaming of surreal experiences,
    I delve deeper;
    Unfathomable infatuation non-persistent,
    Only to realize,
    This bond is exponentially greater,
    For now and forever!!

    All day, all night,
    Each minute, each second;
    I keep singing this,
    A Psalm of our love!!

    Geography can separate us,
    Formalities can keep us at bay!!
    With emotions and love binding us;
    Born as two, we'll be rested as one!!
    This is a tribute to our love,
    In its toast, I sing this psalm ;
    Close your eyes and just feel my love!!!