• _chanchal 5w

    Everyone has their own theories and opinions about love. Some believe in love at first sight. It's like when you know, you just know. And then there are some who believe that it takes time for you to fall in love. I belong to the second category. I do not believe in the concept of love at first sight; in fact, I do not understand the concept.
    I believe that when you fall for someone in a truly, madly, deeply and passionate kind of way - it just can't be in a fraction of a moment. It is because of a million such moments. Moments that make you see someone in a way you've never seen anyone. Moments that make you see both their qualities and flaws. Moments that make your heart race in their presence. Moments that make you want to hug them and never let go. Moments that leave you thinking about them all day long. Moments that make you realise that they're not perfect, but they're more than perfect for you. Moments in which you notice their eyes, their different types of smiles and their compassion towards others. Moments that make you realise that they're the one.