• brmaxwell 6w

    Streets bustle with crowds of people walking to and fro filled with energy and excitement of the coming holiday
    Street corners become impassable because of the large throngs of people trying to get somewhere making the city look like a giant mosh pit
    Trees are brightly light up for the season
    Carolers and musicians can be heard along the streets playing to the beat
    Giant nutcrackers adorn one building on 6th Avenue along with giant ornaments and strings of lights
    Street vendors sell their wares up and down the street from cashmere scarves to boxed jewelry
    Hundreds of Santas and elves move throughout the city spreading their holiday cheer
    Tourists and residents participate in the 12 bars of Christmas bar crawl while strolling through the city
    Lines go around the corner for the Radio City Christmas show waiting for the next show
    Cops line the streets to keep people moving along putting up barricades to move the crowds
    The Hilton Hotel bar area is filled to capacity with folks needing refreshment before finishing their shopping
    Nothing like Christmas time in New York……………