• himansukh 50w

    A Piece

    Honey forgive me for being so insensitive to your emotional state. I thought about what you said this morning. You kept talking about how much you had to do before leaving and how you had spent so much time in the morning for me. You went to mofo to raise stars and were not in the mood. You then talked to me and became mildly angry when you felt I wanted you. I now realize that is causing you stress thinking that when you are not in the mood. First of all, forgive me for making you feel that way but now realize that it is causing stress when you are not in the mood. Many things is not a requirement of making our relationship work. I hope you realize that. I think for a while now you have been hinting that you want us to 'slow down'. I have loved our relationship because I felt we were on the same page. I have never felt it to be an obligation, only a pleasure. I think now that has generated stress in your life. Anyway lets redefine 'us' so that I am not making 'us' stressful. I want to make your preparation. I love you very much sweetheart.