• shreya27 10w


    You remember, when we were perfect strangers?
    Our hearts skipping a beat, with a sudden eye contact.
    You remember, the talks we did with our eyes?
    We shared our friendship, and didn't know when the lovers in us were born and created a relation of the most pure form of unconfessed love.
    I remember the rare times when we did hold hands, and felt something growing deeper in us.
    I remember the long times we spent together being close to each other, you resting on my chest as my heartbeats were the most melodious song you wished to hear.
    You showered me with your love, in an unexpected way.
    And just there left me just the way you loved me, in a most unexpected way.
    And still today, I'm searching where I went wrong that you left me without even saying a word.
    I wish we could be what we were once, and this time we will love each other even more this time.