• _blackpen_ 6w

    Some days she is quiet,
    Some days she is a chatterbox,

    Some days she is disgusted by all stupid people on her life,
    Some days she plays with a little baby like she is of her age

    Some days she lights oil lamps in everyone's life
    Some days she cant drive in her own darkness

    Some days she is angry at everyone around!
    Some days she is the happiest person ever found

    Some days she cries her heart out,
    Some days she finds solace in her little tales

    Yes she is spoiled quite,short tempered too maybe weird to some people but she is store of charms of my life
    I love her solely for what she is today without wanting any changes in her i love her for the most stupid reasons for everyone but the bond we have with each other is known by us only
    They fall in love but if it is with her u are not falling
    in fact u are the one rising because of her
    They say " she is a mess and little pampered child "
    But for those i want to that she is MY MESS my grogeous little mess and i love to pamper her

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