• tetnai_ 9w

    Beep!Beeep!Beep!The alarm goes on ,as she snoozes it again .The birds chirping ,now are turned by honking vehicles because it is already 9:00pm and lectures start from 10:00 am All of a sudden she wakes up and checks her phone.
    'Shoot ! I m bloody late'
    She gets off the bed,takes a shower in the freezing month of February and with the dripping water of her hair ,opts for a Britannia Marie biscuit over a proper breakfast, takes her backpack and then rushes for the bus stop .Oh shoot ,she yells again inside and rushes back to her room as she forgets to lock the door yet again!9:45 ,heart is pounding,10 degrees outside ,but she's sweating as if it 40.
    Fortunately she managed to get on the bus the right time ,yet another day and got to the campus just on time .
    She left the campus on on 4:00pm as she usually does on Tuesdays.
    She got on a bus , silently showed her student pass to the conductor, told him to sign her when her stop comes and sat beside an open window. She plugged in an earphone and tuned in to her favourite song 'yoon shabnami, pehle nhi thi chandni,'
    Well, she's an introvert who has ample friends but really loves watching American sitcoms and is enjoying studying her majors,and has a secret crush on Vicky Kaushal!
    While she was enjoying herself,her eye went to meet up with an encounter of the eyes of a guy who was secretly staring her!She grasps for a breathe and hinks'Oh no!Why is that guy staring at me!Is there something wrong ! is my music too loud ,which was not the case!Are my clothes too revealing!which was impossible cus she dressed herself just as a guy would style himself during the winters.
    "Madam your stop!"

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    Chapter 1