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    Why not Temporary Relationship in Love?

    Often, Love life ends because of this Question?

    As couple can't always afford long or forever relationship, ie., transformation from normal couple to Husband/Wife relationship.

    This is too difficult to accept.

    Why people judge that in this kind of relationship, than definitely that Boy or that Girl might be characterless.

    Are Yaar, these people who are part of the society who Question unreasonably are actually doesn't matter but matter's because of them no one can live a normal life.

    If a person is of broad minded still such people affects them alot.

    Here, the conversation was related to Lovelife but see, these people's conversation comes everywhere & if we want or not still such people take, place somewhere in our lives.

    I do accept our family/ parents reputation is of utmost importance but somewhere a question comes of self-realisation & self-recognition.

    Love plays a small role but wide change in our lives. This changes our perspective of living life.

    I don't know what people think about live- in-relationship but I strongly support it, just because if you can live a fairy tale life for a short term but it's memories last forever & otherwise too you have to live your whole life following traditions/ culture of the society, than why not give a chance to yourself to live a temporary but peaceful life with your Love.

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    Why not Temporary Relationship in Love?

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