• three65 6w

    You're the reason why kids shouldn't do drugs !!!

    Your tobacco stained teeth
    Grinning at me like a maniacal creature from the deep
    Slurping that can of Coke
    With each breath of second-hand smoke
    A gag is meant to be funny
    But you make me wanna choke
    Retch as I reach for a paper bag,
    so no-one can see that I'm the butt of your jokes
    Watching you eat, I can't compete
    You remind me of a skinny man
    Eating hotdogs with his feet
    A Linda Blair contortionist
    Outta The Exorcist, seeing you exercise
    Your double-jointedness
    Sickening ...like the colour of your skin..
    that yellowish hue of Jaundice
    A carnival freak-show exhibitionist
    You belong in the circus
    With Gollum & Andy Sekris...My precious....
    Your viscous eyes full of poison
    Spray venom like an elixir serum
    You “light” up a room when you step into it
    Only cause your chewing 'Semtex' stead of Nicorette
    Go off with a bang like a flash-bang
    Not in sexual way via a ‘gang-bang’
    Your ugliness is only a visual cue
    A clue to your nasty nature
    A narcissist aura surrounds you
    Bringing up, your being bought-up
    Brings out your psychological 'hang-up'
    Fear led anxiety & mistrust
    Childhood abuse issues
    & that uncle you were told to trust
    Fundamental Mental Issues
    Saw you interned from one establishment
    To another institution
    Drug dependent habit-fed by theft & prostitution
    Self-survival skills led to a life of selfishness
    Living scantily nothing in the pantry
    Shelf life, of shellfish there’expired ....nothing left on the shelf
    Metaphorically more or less
    Manipulating, lying, conniving
    Your skill sets had you striving for ....
    no thriving on the attention
    Until criminal activities had law enforcement landing you in detention
    Not tall in stature but you make up for it in bad attitude
    No dude wants to see you nude
    Rude lewd & crude
    Credos that you live by
    Shot up veins like a drive-by
    Running that gauntlet has left you gaunt
    You look withdrawn
    Bank account overdrawn
    Nothing but ya body left to Pawn (porn)
    Like Beirut you’re war torn
    Battling your old enemies
    Me myself & I
    Dreaming high
    For that pie in the sky
    You got the Short straw
    And I’m quick on the draw
    Like quick draw McGraw
    A deep thinker like Dr Phil McGraw
    Do I have to draw you a picture
    Cause I don't paint a pretty picture for ya
    Hang you on the gallows instead of an art gallery foyer
    Get a handle on it
    You got too much baggage
    That baggage handlers can’t handle it
    So stop ya groveling & get travelling
    My patience is unraveling
    You may be my sister but with your incest-blow
    & my Cupids Bow ....I insist you gotta go
    Just one last time for the road "give ya brother a blow"
    Sshh siss....I got Cock options concoc(k)tions
    Numbs your pain but hardens my dick

    Ancestral incest man-feast I manifest
    That of a devouring BeAsT
    Beset at least I bequeath to beHEAD MY DEMONS
    Even as my Demon is giving me HEAD......