• rishiverma20 10w

    Friend of a dream

    Once on the shores the sun went by
    The one who once used to so much shy
    To everyone in his life who passed by
    Went to dreams under the starry sky

    Candles, still, burning
    Ohh! Now blown
    As they went out
    It is dark,frenzy,ohh so unknown!
    I am waiting lonely for some lightly sight
    In my heart
    Going on isss a fight
    Burned out is so much mind
    Worthless now all patience
    Ohh God send me your beloved
    Someone Kind!

    I dream of a companion
    To hold my hand
    Give me a stand
    And set ablaze the entanglements
    Which hold me
    And again make us a Champion!

    Such is the beauty of dreams
    To even dream of one light
    One which holds the might
    To cast the shadows of blight
    And even is beautiful
    When the dream comes true
    Ohhh its so Youuu

    This moment of reality
    Time still stood
    Beauty is so you
    Not to Astound a few

    Time has revealed magnificent heart to me
    Rare to find
    Goodness from it so radiantly shined
    I will cherish this for a thousand years
    Filling every second
    With feelings of Cheers

    So finally in the break of dawn
    As the eyes opened
    A new luminosity
    Was born
    As the dreams came to life
    All the bleak
    Was Lo! Begone!

    Rishi Verma