• atelophobicpoetry 9w

    Long Overdue Processing

    You fully understand how you've absolutely, unequivocally fucked this, right?
    Like it doesn't need to be spoonfed to you how you have basically performed open-heart surgery with a flame-torch, pliers, high on morphine
    No, maybe that's too vivid and abstract
    Let me say it differently, plainly, simply
    So you don't need to rack your brain
    Or ask 'what the fuck was he on about'
    I don't want no misunderstandings about this
    You broke my heart.
    You betrayed me, my love for you, and my overall trust in people.
    I have spent these months away trying to get my head around, how I could've helped you; if I could've saved you from yourself.
    The answer is always no.
    Loud, vocal, clear; pinging off walls in massive echoes.
    The acoustics in my mind are top notch
    But yeah, you sick fucker
    I can't even stand to look at you
    You've fucked it all up
    It doesn't work now does it?
    You and me?
    No. Not anymore.
    And not ever-the-fuck again.