• myrrhc 11w

    don't forget to stay mentally healthy these days too. it's been excruciatingly stressful for me and it's getting worse day by day. i do think some people are experiencing the same thing. everything has just been so tiring, hasn't it? you're not alone. we're gonna get through this together. i don't mind if someone thinks this is too redundant to say, but please. if you need someone, just go and talk. not everyone will be there for you, but i guarantee at least one will surely be.

    p.s. you can't please everybody and you can't get help from everyone. know contentment, too. sometimes, all you need is a word or two, a helping hand maybe, a random person, a stranger, a smile, someone who's willing to listen. anything really is much of a help only if you look at it that way.

    also. i hope yall are doing alright these days. sending positive vibes to yall. ��.

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    thank you.