• jmacthedream 59w

    Birds on a Wire

    There we are – hanging in the balance,
    talking about the struggles we face.
    High in the sky, we search for solace
    and make each other slow the pace.
    I do not know how I got here,
    but I know it is best for me.
    High in the sky, I show no fear;
    I stay in a place that is so free.
    We all suffer from different pains
    and how we continue is a mystery.
    We all look at people and at things
    and make sure to impact history.
    The flight I traveled has taught me
    how to love no matter the weather.
    The life I have lived made me see
    it may get bumpy, but it gets better.
    Birds on a wire, we chirp away
    to remind each other how to love.
    Birds on a wire, we face the day;
    and bless skies with sounds from above.