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    Why do I write?

    Writing was
    never a choice
    neither an alternative
    I don't write to escape
    actuality or to chew agony
    I don't write to betray the time
    or to enjoy the movement either
    For me,
    It's natural
    to write same
    as breathing and
    writing is in blood
    which flow through
    my veins hands start
    scribbling automatically
    when im sad or delighted
    passionate or either sluggish
    Writing is the
    freedom to portray silent
    voice in the form of words
    without the fear of being
    judged writing is the peace
    of mind and the happiness
    Most of the
    the time I just write
    to boost my energy
    But sometimes I write
    to suppress cruel reality
    and create a beautiful
    fiction named fairytales