• unnervedlogophile 4w

    I’ve been hurt one too many times
    This shouldn’t make a difference
    Still I fall for the same trick
    Can’t see through your pretence
    You are big on words
    but your actions fall short
    You keep spinning the fact in circles
    Just tell me, do you want me or not?
    I’ve kept myself safe
    I know how to steer clear of trouble
    But when it comes to you my judgement doesn’t work
    I feel too happy in my bubble
    But I know all my efforts are going to waste
    Because all of it is one sided
    You’ve got to try with me
    Save us from our fate being decided
    “We’ll make it through, make our rules”
    We said it but you just never tried
    You have to help me row this boat
    For us to make it to the shore dry
    There’s only so much I can take
    I’m so tired, spare me the heartache
    Truth is scary, I don’t know what to do
    I can’t come up with more excuses for you
    No matter how hard I try I can’t suppress the feeling in my gut
    Deep down inside my bones, I know..
    I’m giving up