• seemaseems 6w

    *This duniya doesnt care about you

    No matter how much you believe the world is for you,
    It is always against you.
    If u died today, the world continues without you tommorow.
    The world doesnt wait for the sad people to feel better,
    It moves anyway.
    The world doesnot wait for the sick people to heal,
    It continues regardless.
    The world doesnot pause the mourn for the death of anyone,
    It goes on with or without you.
    The most you believe the world is yours ,the more you will be given reasons to prove otherwise.
    Live life with the acceptance that you are here for a temporary amount of time,
    With the Purpose that need to be fullfiled with patience and trust.
    With the mindset that whatever calamity hits you will be deal with easily,
    Whereas leaving with the mindset that the world is a place of fun,
    You will be crushed over and over again.
    O allah forgive all the muslims of the ummah,make their trials easy on them, and let us all meet in jannatul firdose aameen ya rabb!

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    This DUNIYA does not care about you