• makey_ 5w


    Why! Why! Why!
    It's funny how you seem to be okay to others
    I mean you act okay, talk okay, but;
    Deep inside, you're just a big bother to yourself!
    You feel like a loser
    Act like a loser
    Have no chance of being a winner
    And yet!
    Yet, you hide all that beneath a smile
    Why! Is it something worthwhile
    Why! Something you try to hide?
    You then look into your awkward silence
    Filled with deep regrets and sadness
    And say;
    I am a failure, nobody likes me!
    I am a fake act, nobody cares about me!
    Why! Does life have to be a mess
    A place with no rest
    Why! Is there so much loneliness
    In my heart engulfed in this awkward silence