• thoughts_that_hurt 6w

    A small soul. Part 4

    After I made eggs for my mother and her scary man. She said for me to leave. So I did.
    I went out side to an old oke tree. It's the only place I feel safe. That's only because I'm alone.
    But after sometime I didn't feel as safe.
    That's because he was there I could see him in the over grown bushes.
    I gasped and curled my small body into a ball.
    He was quitly watching me with his dead eyes. 'I didn't want to see him. Not now'
    I said in my head starting to tear up.
    " Çø-më h-èrē ßy-ñth. Î'll :hêlp "yœù "
    His voice sounded helpless and beggish.
    I didn't know what I was thinking at the time but I sceardly got up and headed towards him
    He hade a sickening smile then turned to walk into the forest. I heaseted at first but then started to slowly follow.
    I didn't get far because I felt a slim hand tightly grab my wrist
    " What do you think your doing!?"
    She yelled at me and slapped her cold hand across my small face.
    " Get back inside now!!" Then she yanked me into our back yard.
    I entered the house of nightmares and saw the guy give me a death stare.
    I then felt a foot on my back kicking me on to the ground.
    " Such a disgraceful child "
    I heard her say when she walked past me.
    " I'm sorry!" I said wanting forgiveness.
    " Just shut up child " I heard the man said.
    Then I heard a belt unbuckle and harsh foot steps aproch me...