• tyeontemper 23w

    she wouldn't just lemme alone
    i went broke for her, took a loan
    she wouldn't just leave my life
    i ruined it for her once already
    she even said she wished i would die
    now im dead, dead to her

    she preferred the guys who lie
    the truth made me lose her
    i guess the truth really sets us free
    im good if i see you messing with another guy, at least i know he's keeping up with your shit like kardashian
    she wants a car, and i pray she don't crash
    a ride with her girls sounds absurd or maybe nice
    but the thoughts in my head doesn't just seem right

    And i can see that you mindblown
    you probably think i don't love or never loved
    but im sorry we can't hug, we can't touch
    drunk with the liquor and you down with your pool of emotions and i pray you don't sink
    but im in pains and it's Killing me, a painkiller is the irony
    girls asking for a second chance but I'm trying not to clone another rapper

    now I'm thinking what is love?
    dodging bullets that'd never come, so ive cried that you made that a criteria for you to love me.
    i haven't even lived the life that i live and yet
    So i slammed the door on her face
    i wonder if that's still closure

    but im done,
    your definition of love cracks me up.

    - Tyeontemper
    Additional writter : Fawaz.A.H