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    Salvation# Truth

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    Salvation is through Jesus Christ

    It's like there's this wind pulling people, the enemy of Christ knows that he doesn't have enough time anymore. So, he has to drag in lots of souls, deviate them from the right path by presenting all different sorts of trends in the world, where the role models are crooked, sluts, drug fillers etc, self image became the big thing these days, where you have to expose, where your body is all that matters and all you can offer, stupidity is becoming even more common, people being so alcoholic all they can do is get drunk, boast about the fact that they can drink can't do anything good in their lives stuck up in a mess, nothing good and valuable lasts in their hands always got to ruin it and mess things up. They say temptation is everywhere but so is God the all mighty. He who aspires for the Holy spirit will surely receive it, he who departs from the bad path will truly walk on the good path. The lord's spirit lives in those that fear and obey him and Jesus Christ breaks every chain and sets you free from the prison of sin, gives you power to resist all sorts of temptations and guide you.