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    . The music filled the air
    when ballerina posed
    with dexterity and poise.
    Then she moved in grace.
    The silk ribbon on her shoes
    tied the knots of her soul and
    body together. She dreamed, she
    danced in an ethereal way. The
    beauty when she cavorts is ineffable.
    Her satin and mesh skirt cascades down
    with opulent virtue. Her exquisite legs
    moved on the intricate tune making her
    knees and joints weak, still she chose
    to dance and dream and to stand on
    on the stage with self-esteem. She
    bled everytime her toes moved,
    she cried silent tears after
    seeing every drop of blood
    and bruises. Yet, she don't
    abandon. Our ballerina
    is a soldier with pride
    and pain. Whenever
    the defeat trimuphs,
    I keep folorn hopes,
    I remind myself of
    the ballet and the
    ballerina, with
    bleeding toes
    and dainty
    ~ Diya

    The tiny tintinnabulation of classical music,
    She outstretched her arms to awake the sleeping heaven,
    Pointed feet and her floating body
    Like the puppet, she dances with invisible strings.
    Behind the curtains on her toes,
    The ballerina stood in a dainty pose,
    Grace and glory, her perfect accessories
    One more pirouette, her perfection increased.

    The incautious transparency in her movements,
    Wearing the moon and scars on her dress,
    She floated like an angel with sparkle
    carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders.
    Her toes bled everytime she shed her grace,
    leaving behind the blemishes she owned
    Her movements resonated with the spinning top
    Capering and shimmering on the syllabled joy.

    Another try to concrete poem after watching the animated movie - Ballerina. ❤

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