• thegodparticlessj 5w

    Wish You Were Here

    You know what, 
    I still feel you In every breath, 
    In the lub-dub sound of my heart beat
    Yes even after all that you did to me
    I still miss 
    Those days we together cherished,
    Yes, I miss
    I miss you in every beat. 

    Yes it's been years now,
    Your face, Your memories,Your gossips
    Everything has faded into oblivion now. 

    The bat you gave me
    That too has broken now, 
    That guitar, 
    That too has been resting in the corner of my garage,
    Dull and dusted for years 
    Your Diary, 
    I couldn't find it anymore
    That too is missing somehow. 

    I did never care for you
    When you were there with me, 
    And see Now,
    I couldn't take care of your things too
    Yes, I'm delinquent. 
    Delinquent of being Pococurante.

    But still, 
    You know what? 
    When I walk on the streets of this city
    When I come across that old bridge 
    When I see that dusted guitar, 
    Which once used to pulsate in tuning with your voice, 
    When I see that Pink Cycle in my garage
    I miss you, I do miss you. 

    And, at this phase of my life
    When I'm in dire need of you, 
    I wish you were here..