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    Life isn't always a closed studio to calmly sit,spot and sense the resonance of a fable or a film.It isn't that gripping whenever.It is an open theatre of trails and triumphs,where a fellow must perform and perceive the characters to complete in this authentic existence.Every being can designate from the preferences in the forefront to bounce like a hopping caecilian or to flail like a flapping fowl. But to upsurge out of a source and to upswing high in the sky is accomplished only by reinforcing the intramural motives and inspirations.It is the accord of an entity to either be a prey for an alien desire or to be the chaser of indoors aspirations. "Life is a luggage of fancy chattels; to single out the factual chimera and the chain is the astute verdict."

    ┬ęSahana Moolemajalu