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    Inside My Negative Mind: The Chronicles #life #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Confessions: Inside My Negative Mind I

    You see the things we use, the books we read, the hotels we visit and the stores we shop from? Have you thought that in the next ten or so years, it'll be your friends, your family, enemies, ex-classmates and even ex-lovers running, owning or even working in them? You'll not be loud forever. One day, you'll lead a quiet life. You'll have a decent job, or you'll be hunting; you'll be running up and down chasing dreams, perhaps too late for any of your own, and it'll be you and your choices of 10 years ago; and those ten years will feel like shit. You'll look at pictures and you'll be like, "shit." Time moves that fast? But of course we've always known that. My class 8 had this pinned on the front wall of the classroom: Time has wings, wings that flap fast, faster than lightning. -Sir Isaac Newton. But my memory of that is not as vivid, same to the author; it's been 8 years- but it doesn't feel as so.