• gameofwords 23w


    As I greet the night again, your thoughts still rule my mind,

    I try to write to you again if the right words I am able to find.

    My pen feels so heavy as my tears blot the sheet,

    Everytime I put my thoughts to ink, your name my lips repeat.

    The song as if it talks to me as I play your favourite record,

    I gamble all my feelings there, more than I could afford.

    Your smell still fills up this room, more than it could fit,

    The mirror you gave still hangs on the wall but why don't I see myself in it?

    I wonder if you'd get angry to see that I described you in a few lines,

    Or will you smile when you read all that I couldn't say when you were mine?

    This night, I stage my thoughts again and try to make some sense,

    I try to tune them in a song, all my emotions so intense.

    Only if I could find a word or two I would be so content,

    To tell you what my heart pours out, all that I really meant.

    In an attempt to drown all my fears, I gulped down a glass of wine,

    I picked up my pen bravely and spelt you out in every line.

    The entire night I wrote and wrote even faster than the time,

    Like a poet deeply in love, I created the perfect rhyme.

    The light of the day as it came in through the crack of my window sill,

    It lit my wounds afresh and made me realise where your loyalty lies still.

    When it came to betrayal and lies, you traded my heart,

    So once again, my love, I ripped those pages apart.