• deeepa 10w

    Like chain of years dragging me
    Into the loop of loneliness
    Around thousands of eyes
    Starring in and around
    But never among them
    Was you whom i searched for
    I longed for those innocence
    Of my eyes to get reflected
    Into you
    I felt you in the reality
    Of all unfair fate
    I built the castle of happiness
    And pampering words you pour
    But never did they appear in real
    Seemed so like a mirage
    Still running behind
    There were many but you weren't
    A body with a soul less soul inside
    Drag me to the past hardships
    Or push me to the future chores and chaos
    I will take the pressure with pleasure
    Only if the days of present
    Bliss with your presence
    As a synonym for brotherhood